lucaki asked:

My main character dies during my story, he originally should have stayed dead but i got so attached to him that I couldn't keep him dead. Might it be better to have him just really badly injured than making him die? It seems so unrealistic to me even though magic for that exists in my story. It just doesn't feel right.

fixyourwritinghabits answered:

Without knowing more about the kind of world you’ve created and assuming your characters are human beings, let’s explore this some more. 

First, think about the types of injuries your character has sustained. Is there a lot of head trauma? Chest trauma? Was it blood loss? Was it something that shocked him and caused his heart to stop? Was it smoke inhalation? The types of injuries your character sustained will help you sort some of this out. Once you get a vague idea of your character’s injuries, begin researching. WebMD and Wikipedia have good stuff, but Youtube has many videos made by medical schools for educational purposes. Just so you’ve been warned, the videos and pictures are graphic.

Necromancy, using magic to revive or reanimate the dead, is not without limits and repercussions. In the Greek and Roman tradition, reviving a person involved shoving their soul back into their body. Many ancient texts describe in detail the excruciating screams of the person who has been revived. Remember, just because you have been brought back to life, does not mean your injuries have healed. Furthermore, necromancy wasn’t a permanent fix. Typically, it was for a short period of time- a few moments, usually- to pass along a message or convey information then their soul would be released. Reanimation is a little different in that that person’s soul (or energy, or whatever you want to call it) isn’t involved. Up until 50 or so years ago, this is how zombies were “made”. The virus is a new thing.

If you feel comfortable doing research into necromancy (it’s okay if you don’t), I’d be wary of the internet. Daniel Ogden is a professor of ancient history in England and he’s written a number of books on magic and necromancy in Greece and Rome. I’ve read his books and I recommend them highly. Another book you may want to read is Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer’s Manual of the Fifteenth Century by Richard Kieckhefer. Basically, a university in Germany has a 15th Century necromancers manual written in medieval Latin, and Prof. Kiechkhefer translated it and added more information to it. Those books are available on amazon, but you may be able to get them through your library. If the world you’ve created aligns more closely with another culture or tradition, search on Google scholar. You’ll find better information.

Ironically, modern medicine runs into some similar issues when trying to revive someone whose heart has stopped. Lack of blood flow to the brain, for any amount of time, causes brain damage. Full stop. There are all sorts of medical procedures to keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain to prevent further damage, but they can only do so much. In short, anything longer than a couple seconds, and you will have complications. Just as unrealistic it seems to have someone die and be brought back through magical means, it’s equally unrealistic to have a character be clinically dead for several minutes to have them make a 100% recovery. If your character miraculously survived the trauma (no heart stoppage or brain injury), do they have plates screwed to their bones or scars? It is exceedingly rare to make it through a life-threatening injury without a scratch or scar.

After you’ve done some research, write a couple pages with each scenario. This doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s just a writing exercise. When you’re done with both, don’t look at them for a few days. You want fresh eyes and a clear head. When you come back to them, think about what fits best with the world you’ve created. While realism can be a great thing, consistency is just as important. If you have magic in a world, you may need to address why they don’t use necromancy. Pick what you feel is best. Celebrate your awesomeness. 

With that done, you’ve got one last thing to do. Follow Faulkner’s sage advice and “kill all your darlings.” You say you grew so attached to your character you brought him back. Write a few pages about how the other characters react to this death. Take some time and imagine how the plot and storyline will change. Walk away for a couple days, then sit and think what makes the most sense for your story. The results may surprise you.


wannabanauthor asked:

Hell, I'm writing a high fantasy novel, and I was wondering if I could actually use the words "bisexual" and "transgender prince" in novel. The words seem pretty modern to me, and I was considering making a fantasy word equivalent and having the definitions in the index of the book. Do you have any suggestions?

thewritingcafe answered:

Here are some tips:


If you have created a fictional language, go ahead and create fictional words for these terms. Our terms might not be culturally appropriate anyway, depending on your world.

For example, a culture might have different words for someone who is a bisexual male and someone who is a bisexual female. Therefore, you could create two different words.

However, when it comes to creating fictional words, it’s good to be clear on what they mean. As an example, I’ll use the word “allromnilo” to mean “bisexual male” and “allromnelu” to mean “bisexual female”. Refer to bisexual males as “allromnilo” enough times and in the right context (when talking about relationships, who they are attracted to, etc.) to show the reader what this word means. Do the same thing for “allromnelu”.

You can take it further by switching the order to show preference. A bisexual woman with a preference for women would therefore be called “romallnelu”. A gender neutral option to our bisexual alternative could be “allromnol”.

Here are all the words so far:

  • Allromnilo - bisexual male
  • Allromnelu - bisexual female
  • Allromnol - bisexual
  • Romallnelu - bisexual female, preference for women

These words are all pretty similar, so if you do something like this is might be easier to create words that are not so similar or to create fewer words. You can put a dictionary in the back, but it’s still important to give context within the text alone.


It’s not bad to create words like this (especially since many cultures have different ways of describing stuff like this), but it’s so rare to find characters just outright say what they are in a situation that is not a big coming out moment.

It’s especially rare to find someone say they’re bisexual. There’s always some speech about how it “doesn’t matter what this person likes and blah blah blah let’s not put labels on it”, which erases bi/pan people and which also allows people to avoid talking about a subject that makes them somewhat uncomfortable.

So it’s not bad to use fictional words, but it’s good to use real words to break down the taboo that surrounds them.


Maybe. Maybe not. It really comes down to whether it feels “right” in your world or not and whether you could see your characters casually using these terms.


Anonymous asked:

Hey weird question, but what Light players could flash step thanks to their kight powers (traveling at the speed of Light).

dahniwitchoflight answered:

Yeah totally =D Rose flash steps all the time around Meenah lol Always to steal cool books and things

Being totally fast is both a Light and Space player thing I think though, but where Light players are bound to travel in a single direction as fast as physically possible, Space Players that govern over exact co ordinates can just teleport where they want. Lacking the ability to teleport though they can make objects go towards other objects as instantly as they physically can get them to do, which would be about the speed of light. 





I’ll be honest, I think a good number of the aspects could be connected to some form of high-speed travel, depending on their class. Here are some possible ideas for how each one would work, which I am keeping under a read more for convenience. Bear in mind that I don’t have ideas for all of them; this is just a starting point.

Light: Transforming into light to travel. Alternatively, using their luck powers to arrive at a location exactly when they need to.

Void: Erasing or folding and hiding the space between them and their destination. Alternatively, not moving at all, instead altering reality so they are already there (sort of like how the Auditors speak in Discworld).

Space: Telekinetically throwing either themselves or an object they are standing on at light-speed.

Time: Time-travel, duh.

Breath: Transforming into wind to travel. Alternatively, moving either themselves or an object they are standing on with wind.

Oh yes all of this =D It really goes to show that if a player wants to do something, they’ll find a way to do it one way or another =D


Actually hey let’s expand on that shall we?

Blood: Blood feels more grounded and still at times, but as the aspect of connection and being heavily associated with with various iron or metals, I don’t think a degree of magenetism in order to get where you need to go quickly would be out of the question. That or just plain attaching yourself to a faster person and hitching a ride lol

Hope: this is already the aspect of belief and unstoppable forces so I don’t its out the question for a hope player to just believe they are fast enough and unstoppable enough to get where they wanna go very fast. I wonder actually if hope players could potentially go faster than the speed of light? If they believed they could/didn’t know about physics and that kinda stuff.

Rage: this aspect is one of denial and unmovable objects, but it also deals with fear and anger instincts, sort of a trigger happy twitchy response, or the fight or flight response actually. They can definitely use or ignite their own adrenaline response to do some pretty cool stuff or go places fast I would think.

Life: This one is quick just on pure strength, just literally powering through everything and how fast they go depends on how strong they actually are, which may not have a limit for the life player since life is all about breaking limits.

Doom: This is one where I’m not sure they could do a flash step kind of thing, they’re all about limits and specifically what you can’t do versus Life’s what you totally can do. But hey if a Doom player decided that they CANNOT miss that train or not reach that person in time they probably could be super fast out of pure desperation? That or propelling yourself through the air via Bombs or rockets or something.

Mind and Heart: I don’t have anything for these two on the subject of “can they be speedy/get places quickly through their own powers?” So If someone wants to pitch an idea for that go right ahead!

Here are some suggestions:

Mind: Mind Players could use their trickery, logic, thoughts, or rationality to travel. Depending on class, they could twist the logic of their world, letting things or themselves become faster, opening up a wormhole, finding a short-cut through rational thought and deduction, trick people into getting a ride, building one themselves, even just THINK about where they want to go and end up there!

Heart: Heart is about passion, uniqueness, souls, desires, and emotions. Being fast could be a part of their identity (or make it so), they could use their emotions/desires for speed (through themselves or others) “I GOTTA get there”, “Must save them!”, or even “Gotta get to the cookie jar first!”. A clever one could even use the soul trait to travel: Turn into a translucent soul, maybe take a short-cut through the dream bubbles?.

Oh Heart/Soul completely slipped my mind!

They could totally do a form of astral travel/soul seperation, the only downside is theyd leave their body behind and have to eventually return. Hmm. But yeah also being fast out of pure will and emotions sort of fits into the Adrenaline/Desperation thing that Rage and Doom got on.

Mind yeah can totally trick people into taking them on rides, literally hitchhiking across the galaxy. Mind also has to do with blending in and being hidden so they could even be stowaways if they needed to be.

also Mr-Mercer mentioned spiral power gurren lagann something about Hope but I haven’t actually watched that show haha I just know bits and pieces from from I see on the interent/tumblr lol So I’m not sure for that one XD I’d have to know more about it lol


sundown-rain asked:

Hello! I had a question about Sylphs, more concretely about their powers. They are supposed to manipulate abstractly or heal through their Aspect, which sounds like something they could use positively on their team. However, is possible to "heal" in excess the Aspect itself on enemies and affect them negatively? Like, a Sylph of Blood [like me, by the way] healing unity on foes and causing them to stick together to attack them easily, or a Sylph of Void somehow erasing their minds?

dahniwitchoflight answered:

Sylphs actually are the passive partner in the Creation Pair with the Maid

so they “Invite/Allow Creation of (Aspect) or Invite/Allow Creation through (Aspect)”

this is often just easier said and thought about as ‘healing’ their Aspect, but healing is just one factor of a Sylph’s powers, they can do so much more than just heal

Manipulation is actually a Witch of Heir’s thing, as part of the Change/Control dynamic they both have, Manipulate would actually be the best singular word for What Witches/Heirs do, it just has more negative connotations than Change, but it fits when you think of What witches and Heirs in your average story tend to do (Witches are often people who trick or manipulate, Heirs are often passive receptors to manipulation by evil advisors/family with ulterior motives and the like)

but anyway the way to get a concrete description of a God Tier’s flashy powers is to just insert the Physical or Symbolic manifestations of that Aspect into that sentence equation.

So a Blood Player would have stuff like, Rings, Metal, Chains and Literal Flesh and Blood as things that all make or enforce strong connections between people, either physically like tying or chaining people together, emotionally through commitment (Rings are huge symbols of Marriage, even in Homestuck) or even a combo through Flesh and Blood, the people you call family and the loyalty you have to them, even the term “Blood Brothers/Sisters” are people who aren’t literally family, but one you’ve committed to treating as if they were family.

and a Sylph of Blood can allow or invite the creation of all of that. They way they heal flesh by creating it anew, but nothing is stopping them from  also creating flesh that wasn’t originally there. They can meld your arms and legs together by also making that new flesh anew. Imagine having your bones forcefully grown together or into weird shapes and having the same done to your skin and organs. Not exactly a pretty picture lol

What about just creating more Blood in your enemies systems so it increases Blood pressure so much that they eventually explode? What if creating new teeth or mouths or hands or feet inside organs like your brain and heart randomly?

Remember, Sylphs are meddlers. if they think something needs doing, then they’ll do it, all the while thinking “it’s for the best” There is nothing holding them back from being merciless fighters, if they think that is what needs to be done.

Sylphs of Void also create Voids, Voids physical symbols are a little harder to pin down, mostly because they can sort of be anything that doesn’t currently exist, Perfectly generic Objects, Pumpkins etc

but since Void is also heavily associated with Oceans and Deep Water where things just disappear beneath the waves, past the edge of the world when people believe the earth was flat there was nothing but darkness and water. Ad since in Homestuck specifically, the Void is where Dream BUBBLES exist, and cthulu like tentacly horrorterror monsters swim around, I’d say Water was a symbol of Void, Dark or Deep water moreso, and especially the kind of water or liquids you can’t see through, its muddy its opaque (like equius and milk is one) or just liquids that obsfucate in other ways, like alcohol.

I see no conflict with a Sylph of Void creating water to drown people on the spot. Or, creating a person’s nonexistence, making them blip out from existence entirely. going all “back into that schrodinger box you go! Do you exist? or dont you? Who knows? only I do!”


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"Eye of the Tiger" Played on an Old Dot-Matrix Printer

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